Peter Jackson, the Beatles to a new documentary

Peter Jackson will tackle the making of a documentary on the recording session of the legendary album “Let it be” by the Beatles. ALPHA AGENCY / BESTIMAGE A pop film for Peter Jackson ! The filmmaker is preparing to make a new documentary, still untitled, around the Beatles. This film will be based on about 55 hours of previously unseen footage of the Beatles in the studio, shot between 2 and 31 January 1969. These sessions resulted in the release of the album Let it be, released in may 1970, several months after the dissolution of the group. As stated in a press release announcing the shoot, these images were “originally intended as a television special for the television, but [the shooting] was transformed into a completely different thing, of which the highlight was the concert of the legendary Beatles on the roof of the offices of Apple in London, it was exactly 50 years ago.” “With these 55 hours of previously unseen footage and 140 hours of audio available to us, this film will be the ultimate experience “to be the little mouse in the studio” in which the dreams of the fans of the Beatles for a long time. Although the Beatles have extensively been filmed during the 1960s (in concerts, in interviews and in their films) these images are the sole witness of their work in the studio, ” said Peter Jackson in this press release. The album and film Let It Be, released in the months that followed the separation of the Beatles, have often been analyzed through the prism of the arguments that the group was going through at the time. I was relieved to discover that the reality is very different from the myth.” Peter Jackson will regain its partners in the documentary They Shall Not Grow Old, producer Clare Olssen and editor Jabez Olssen. It is a documentary on the new-zealand soldiers of the First world war, directed by Peter Jackson for the centenary of the end of the war. The trailer for They Shall Not Grow Old : They Shall Not Grow Old trailer VO

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