After Bandersnatch, the next series interactive Netflix will be with Bear Grylls

After the big success of his episode of “Black Mirror : Bandersnatch”, Netflix will continue to dig the vein interactive in a future programme, which will stage the king of the survivalist, the aptly named Bear Grylls of “Man Vs Wild” ! Netflix Present at the convention of indian FICCI-FRAMES on 12 march, the vice-president, product Netflix, Todd Yellin, declared to be absolutely delighted with the success of the episode interactive Black Mirror : Bandersnatch, to the point, of course, that the platform intends to replicate the success. “So you can expect to see more storytelling interactive here a year or two. It will not necessarily science-fiction, or something dark. It can be comedy, or a romance in which the audience chooses if the protagonist comes out with such-and-such character” let go of it at the meeting. It didn’t take long before Netflix does not communicate it. The next series intended as interactive will be You Vs Wild. A variation of the well-known program Man Vs Wild, worn by the king of the survivalist Bear Grylls and his situations to the extreme. In this new series of eight episodes, the (television)viewers will decide that the expert in survival will be a function of the situations encountered. We remain at the level of the interactivity of the production of videogames in a Full-Motion Video of the 1990’s, but it will surely sympathetic. You Vs Wild will be available on the platform on 10 April next. And to wait, a little teaser ! You Vs. Wild Teaser VO

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