Osmosis : the search for a soul mate has charmed the viewers

Available from the 29th of march, the project delves into a futuristic world where the quest for love premium. This new French series drew the spectators in front of their screen, fascinated by the scientific research of the soul mate. Find a soul mate through science. It’s the promise of Osmosis, the technology created by Paul (Hugo Becker) and his sister Esther (Agathe Bonitzer). To test the beta, the two leaders of the company call for guinea pigs willing to do anything to find love despite their personal problems. For this, they need to swallow a micro-robot that is implanted in their brain to analyze and find the person that perfectly matches their personality and their expectations. First supported, this crazy project is quickly criticized by opponents who will not hesitate to implement to stop the experiment. Adapted from the webseries of the same name broadcast on Arte Creative in 2015, the project is a project initiated by Audrey Fouché and it was written by a dozen authors. The series of scale takes place in a futurist Paris and promises to be an intense search for a soul mate. The lucky few had already discovered Osmosis on 26 march at the Festival Series Mania in Lille, where two episodes of the series were screened in avant-première. For what is d’#Osmosis , range of anticipation and science-fiction Française, the result is the height of my expectations. In the two episode the story is rapidly installed, you can immerse yourself easily in the sultry atmosphere and under tension of the enterprise— Maryland (@MarylouVdl) march 26, 2019 Some people conquered do not hesitate to highlight the quality of French productions on Netflix. The FR series on @NetflixFR send of the heavy. Osmosis is no exception to the rule. pic.twitter.com/Ic3bZijaje — Peaky (@Peakstyle96) march 29, 2019 Whaou thank you @NetflixFR finally an original series that have nothing to envy our american neighbours #Osmosis 🇫🇷🙏🏼— Powline 🦋 (@spark_line10) 31 march 2019 The headliner Hugo Becker has attracted more than one, and is even seen to compare to a certain Jamie Dornan. then I had a big crush on hugo becker and then I see he plays in osmosis 🥰🥰🥰— Sam (@salimaben25) march 31, 2019 Hugo Becker looks like Jamie Dornan in #Osmosis — 𝑪𝒉𝒓𝒊𝒔𝑻_𝑳 φ (@LaEtAilleurs) march 31, 2019 In the rest of the cast, this is Yuming Hey that has captivated the spectators. Incredible revelation of @yuminghey in #Osmosis ! A very strong presence to the role of a great originality ! @NetflixFR https://t.co/7zr2Rq6nMY — Sylvie-Noelle (@sylvienoelle33) 31 march 2019 The character of Billie #Osmosis (played by @yuminghey ).. how to say I had a huge crush ? I’ve never seen a character so strong and played well. My favorite character EVER! (And may soon-to-be’s favorite actor 👀)— K. (@Kenza_BML) April 1, 2019 users have enjoyed the aesthetic side of the series and its relation with art. Big red wire Rodin with The Thinker and a drawing course around the Kiss in episode 2 of #Osmosis (in case you have not understood the core themes in the series loneliness and love fusional)#ArtInMovingFrames pic.twitter.com/amueENcbEW — Alyx and the rest is confetti (@RhesusNegatif) March 31, 2019 The youtubeur Jimmy Labeeu revealed to his subscribers, not without pride, that he played in the series. OSMOSIS. On the 29th of march on Netflix. Yes, I play in a series with Netflix. Netflix. NETFLIX. pic.twitter.com/m7aar3s26M — Jimmy Labeeu (@LeJimmyLabeeu) march 23, 2019 generally, internet users believe that the French series has risen to the level of the other series proposed on the platform thanks to a production, plot and a cast of convincing. Osmosis on Netflix.
We like :
– the aesthetics brought under control in the neon near.
– the cliffhangers from the end of the episode always intense
– special mention for Manoel Dupont, his interpretation of Niels is just amazing.— Maïté (@Dash_champetre) 1 April 2019 Small blow of heart for the series (French) Osmosis on Netflix. With hints of Black Mirror, and a set of actors really good. Rather well filmed and scripted ! Big plus for the character of Billy ! And a small crush for @Hug0Becker 👌🏻#Osmosis — Valentine B. Михновитч (@MickNovitch) April 1, 2019 Osmosis is available on Netflix. Follow all the news from Netflix.