Medical confidentiality : what is the mini-series with Jodie Whittaker (Doctor Who) ?

Before you play the Lords of Time in the cult series of SF, Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker has played a doctor more traditional in the mini-series Medical Secrecy, which starts tonight on Arte. Mark Mainz / 2017 RED PRODUCTION COMPANY LIMITED is with that ? It was one of the biggest events of the british television last year : for the first time since its creation in 1963, the doctor is a woman ! It was time. A choice on the part of Chris Chibnall who takes over the keys of the series after Steven Moffat (Sherlock). And he decides to call Jodie Whittaker, with whom he has worked on Broadchurch, to become the new incarnation of the famous Time Lord.

Only, this is not the first time that Jodie Whittaker plays a doctor. In 2017, it holds the principal role of Medical Confidentiality (Trust Me in vo), a mini-series English of four episodes, which will return against all odds for a season two (date currently unknown) with an all-new cast. Has its sides, we find Emun Elliott as you may have seen in the first season of Game of Thrones ; Sharon Small, who played in Born to Kill, Mistresses or Murders the English ; or even Blake Harrison seen in The Inbetweeners.

It’s worth what ? Surprisingly, England doesn’t have a great tradition for the series medical. There are specimens (Monroe, Getting One, A Young Doctor’s Notebook, Call the Midwife), but nothing very significant that has made date (as St Elsewhere or the Emergency department of the other side of the Atlantic). Believe that a certain (other) doctor phagocyterait attention. It is, therefore, in a field relatively virgin to the local level, what happens to Medical Confidentiality , with the firm intention not to deviate in a characteristic house : the social drama.

Cath Hardacre is a nurse conscientious, hyper-competent, and who takes his work to heart. A devotion that turns against her when she decides to play the whistleblowers to alarm about the drift and behaviour of physicians few professionals and too protected. A noble mission which felt invested Cath but turns against her when she decides to go and see his hierarchy instead of communicating face to face, in the press. Layoff, she took the decision of stealing the identity of her best friend, doctor party in New Zealand, to “become a doctor” in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mark Mainz / 2017 RED PRODUCTION COMPANY LIMITED

There is something rotten in the realm of medicine. If the americans have The Resident, the French Hippocrates, you can count on with Medical Confidentiality in English to recall the excesses of the local medical system. The series takes against the foot of the glorification of the doctor, and was the pedestal on which he is so often asked. Just like the French series, the scenery is bleak, functional without being particularly attractive and plays a human comedy a bit helpless in the face of the slope pathos of our species.

A direction to which one would not have immediately thought of with his pitch unlikely. The identity exchange is one of the classic soaps (or stories of espionage) and its treatment, the more often sensationalist, is a priori incompatible with the social drama to the English. Only Dan Sefton the handles to the correct height, playing as well on a natural tension (someone will he discover the truth ?), gymnastics psychological and emotional that they need to pretend to be what one is not. Jodie Whittaker offers a remarkable composition, capable of showing strength and fragility in a single leap.

The series finds just the right balance between what it wants to expose and the fiction of the pitch. Except for one last dramatic situation that flirts with the facility, Medical Confidentiality is, in nuance and subtlety, a state of affairs in the English system. In four episodes, she paints portraits of characters in broken at various levels in a climate of anxiety. It is cumbersome without being heavy, intense without exaggeration, moving without tire-tear and intelligent without being donor lesson. A series to the discrete nature which will most likely not shine in a world where standing out from the crowd has become more and more difficult, but it would be a pity to pass.